Intended to Journey Together

Jesus always intended for us to experience support and love in our journey through life.  From the time Christ established His Church until today, Christians have supported one another as a spiritual family made up of imperfect believers.  The Bible paints a beautiful picture of the early Church functioning as one body, devoted to carrying out Jesus' mission for his people, commerating His sacrifice, caring for those relegated to societies margins, and selflessly supporting one another. 

The Church on MastersRoad is modeled as an extension of the love, devotion, and passion of these earliest Christians. Located in Manvel, Texas, our Church is made up of followers of Jesus of all ages, from all walks of life, who live Manvel, Pearland, Alvin, and beyond.

Jesus invites all of His followers to enjoy the full richness of their faith as a part of His Church.  Where-ever you are on your journey, we'd love for you and your family to experience these blessings as a part of our Church family.

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