Jason Lee

Lead Pastor

That’s my wife, Kelley, leaning in with a preemptive smile. She is quick to fill our home with laughter. She lights up the room with her Tennessee charm on the outside and a refined Texas grit on the inside. She is both Jane from Pride and Prejudice and Michelle Pfeiffer from Dangerous Minds. I know no one who displays truth and grace more wisely. Her love for the Lord is her greatest quality. She knows she is His before she is anyone else’s.

Jadon is the 9 year old boy in his momma’s lap. He is a cuddler like his daddy, compassionate and merciful like his mother. He listens, reads, thinks, reason, builds — all with an adventurous bravery. His current ambitions include inventing a flying car that’s also a time machine. His comprehension of the Gospel and appetite for spiritual things is truly special.

Sweet Juel, our 7 year old, who has always been an armful of creativity and chaos. She spends most of her time in her own little world filled with rainbows, butterflies, unicorns- think “Cloud Cuckoo Land” from The Lego Movie. She loves to draw, dance, dream, and not put her shoes on when it’s time for school. She is a treasure and a rare find, a precious Juel!

I’m the guy in the red shirt, totally blown away by God’s grace and am so grateful to call Jesus my Savior, Kelley my wife, Jadon and Juel my children, and The Church on MastersRoad my church. Born in Houston, reared and raised in Fresno and Manvel, and after 15 years of training and ministry in Dallas and Tulsa, God has called us here! I’m back in Manvel! I can’t stop smiling. I love a good comeback story.

He is a good, good Father, and I am loved by Him. Journey:On!